A castle with 1000 years of history

Military Fortress

Villanueva de Cañedo Castle has its origin in the 11th century, built to save the rear of the reconquest. The lack of defensive orography precipitated the construction of the enormous moat that surrounds the castle.

Catholic Kings

Already in the 15th century it belonged to the Catholic Monarchs, who used it as provisioning for their troops before the capture of Toro in the war of succession of Isabel la Católica against Juana la Beltraneja.

Alonso de Fonseca

In 1478 Alonso de Fonseca y Quijada, Bishop of Ávila, acquired the castle and transformed the fortress into a stately palace house full of unique architectural details.


His goal will be to make it his habitual residence to live with his mistress Doña Teresa de las Cuevas, away from the gossip of the nearby villas.


His children were legitimized by the Catholic Monarchs, the first-born, Gutierre, will be the first Lord of Villanueva de Cañedo.


Thereafter, popular legend calls the castle of Buen Amor, in honor of the Bishop's feelings towards Doña Teresa.

Agricultural Warehouse

After the death of Don Alonso and Doña Teresa, the castle is not inhabited again and soon it is used as an agricultural warehouse.


This use will remain several centuries. the abandonment in the restoration causes that the towers are desmochen and the loss of the defensive wall. The inhabitants of the surroundings take the stones to build their houses.


The interior is preserved in better condition, except for the coffered ceilings of the upper floor, which were lost due to a fire in 1903.

Restoration in 1958

With a state of considerable abandonment, it is acquired by the Fernández de Trocóniz Family and they carry out an important restoration that returns to the castle its former splendor.

Since then, the castle belongs to the same family. Even though it is privately owned, the building belongs to everybody and it's our duty to conserve it for future generations.

Converted into a charming inn

However, the maintenance work is very expensive, so thanks to a Rural Development aid (and a piece of mortgage), we gather the forces and turned the castle into a charming accommodation.


The works were done with great care to respect the authenticity of the building to the maximum and thus be able to offer the traveler a unique experience.


Open the doors as an inn has allowed not only to keep the castle in perfect condition so that future generations can also enjoy it, but now we can all inhabit the castle and we can imagine what life was like in other times.

Restorations and Landscaping

The maintenance work is continuous and every season we make small repairs so that the building is healthy and strong. However, sometimes a greater "intervention" is necessary and larger restorations have had to be made.


In addition, important landscaping has been done, continuously over time. Really, a complicated task with this harsh Castilian climate.

Restoration of the West tower
East Adarve Repair
Green Maze

Carretera Nacional 630, km 317,6

Villanueva de Cañedo

37799 Topas (Salamanca)


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